Way Out West

July 4th, 2010 | 2 Comments

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Andy Engelson is a writer and editor who lives in Hanoi, Vietnam. He's currently working on a historical novel set in the Northwest United States during World War II. He's also a freelance writer, essayist and member of the Hanoi Writer's Collective. In a former life, he edited Washington Trails magazine for six years and before that was freelance journalist. He likes to hike, travel, and play with his family.


There is no thing that keeps its shape, for nature,
the innovator, would forever draw
forms out of other forms. In all this world
you can believe me no thing ever dies.
By birth we mean beginning to re-form,
a thing’s becoming other than it was;
and death is but the end of the old state;
one thing shifts here, another there; and yet
the total of all things is permanent.
— Ovid, The Metamorphoses (Book XV)


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