Travel In Difficult Times

by aengelson | February 16th, 2009

Our family is about to embark on a three-week adventure to Australia!

We’re very excited, but it’s also a bit sobering to be traveling down under in the wake of tragic wildfires.

We won’t  be traveling in Victoria state (where the fires hit) but we’re certainly aware that Australia is dealing with one of its most tragic disasters after more than 180 people were killed in devastating bush fires. Donate here.

It’s also feels a bit strange to be traveling during an economic downturn. I know several people who’ve been laid off from their jobs. It feels a bit extravagant to be jetting off across the Pacific.

But travel is so important to me and my family, and I think crucial to our understanding of the world (if only people everywhere had the means to see the world first-hand).

I’ll be posting periodically about our trip to Sydney, Tasmania and Uluru. Check back often!

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